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G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors

G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors

Fresnel LED wash light

The G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors is an accurate and compact fresnel moving light, capable of outstanding color rendering and precise manipulation of beam angle. The optical system is designed to deliver a perfect color mix with a completely even field and no hotspots. Because of its controllable external barndoors, wide zoom range, qualified color reproduction, accurate color temperature control, and low power consumption, the G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors is a must-have for stages, theatres, and TV / film studios. 

Key advantages: 

  • High-power LED Fresnel Wash moving head with external motorized barndoors
  • Superb color mixing based on Red, Green, Blue, Amber, and Mint LEDs
  • Best-in-class color rendering index: TLCI > 90, CRI > 90, CQS > 90, Rf > 90
  • 4 individual DMX-controllable blades with +/- 110º rotation and 9º to 76º zoom range
  • 2,000K-10,000K CTC linear control with optimized color rendering
  • DMX, RDM, and wireless control
  • Practically maintenance-free and silent performance
  • Flicker-free / programmable scenes / continuous pan movement


LED Technology
The G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors is the first moving head able to achieve a coherent and qualified light spectrum in all color temperatures by only using 5 colored LEDs. This is possible because of the combination between RGBAM additive mixing, included Fresnel lens, and precise SGM firmware. The LEDs expected lifetime is 50,000 hours.

This small but powerful fixture includes RGB mixing in its lightsource but also amber and mint LEDs to fill the typical gaps of a LED spectrum and get rich whites in all different color temperatures. Through the Color Emulation DMX channel, it is possible to match most of the colors present in the LEE catalog and to output only the amber or the mint LEDs. A plus/minus green function is also included for accurate color control in TV and film shootings.

Because of its brilliant optical performance and efficient manipulation of beam angles, the G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors makes a real difference in the market. It delivers a wide 9º to 76º zoom range, with all colors accurately mixed before the front lens and no color shifts or color aberrations. The optical system is designed so maximum output is achieved in the 15º - 18º zoom range, instead of 9º beam angle. By doing this, the G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors delivers the best light output for the size of its lens.

Fresnel and barndoor behavior
The G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors is a true fresnel-based luminaire with external barndoors and it delivers the same performance a user can expect for such a projector, but avoiding the need of manual focusing. Unlike other LED fresnel lights, the G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors use a glass fresnel front lens and the size of the luminaire does not change while using the zoom feature. Like the traditional hand-made fresnel projectors, the G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors creates sharp defined shadows in flood position and diffuse silhouettes in spot position.

Motorized Barndoors performance
The motorized barndoors is a powerful and accurate feature operated remotely via DMX. Each blade has individual -90º to +40º angle control and the whole module rotates from -110º to +110º. The barndoors maintain their position at any time and the automatized control avoids the blades to be damaged. Since Motorized Barndoors creates an external light shape after the lens, a defined light cut can be expected, with the traditional soft graduation.

Congo Blue feature
The G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors solves one of the biggest demands in LED luminaires: a real congo blue color. This moving head uses a physical enhancer to create a deep and saturated blue with the characteristic shade of a real congo blue.

IP rating
While the G-4 Wash is an IP65 luminaire, the Motorized Barndoors module is rated IP20. Also when used indoor, the durable IP65 rating of the luminaire ensures that the fixture is kept free of externally induced particles and liquids on internal optics and light sources, such as smoke fluid, dust, dirt, airborne pollution, and humidity. It is practically maintenance-free, making it a sustainable and long-lasting choice for indoor events and installations as well. It is also possible to replace the Motorized Barndoors module with a G-4 Wash front lens in order to get full IP65 rating.

The internal built-in dehumidifier protects this fixture from moisture, pollution and any other factors that can generate corrosion. The patented SGM dehumidification not only removes humidity but also prevents oxidation and condensation, while a gore-tex membrane allows the unit to breathe.

The G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors is able to reach 6,300 lumen with an excellent white by only using 150w. This is the benefit of using RGBAM color mixing and an accurate color calibration. In RAW mode, the G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors outputs a color temperature close to 7,000K with a CRI, TLCI, and CQS above 90, but these numbers are also in a similar range while using 5,600K or 3,200K in calibrated RGB mixing.

Interchangeable lens
With the addition of an optional interchangeable Micro-Fresnel lens, the G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors can easily be transformed into a G-4 Wash Beam. If needed, a G-4 Wash fresnel lens can also be provided to avoid the use of external barndoors. For theatrical purposes, the G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors acts like a regular fresnel, while the G-4 Wash-Beam lens emulates the performance of a Plano-Convex projector.

Thermal management
This compact and accurate luminaire is optimized to manage the heat in a very smart way. Like all SGM LED products, the G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors is tested under extreme hot and cold conditions to prevent any kind of failures in outdoor or indoor environments.

Mounting options
There are many mounting options available in the G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors. It can be rigged by using the included easy-fit omega bracket with ¼ turn fasteners, it can be installed in any kind of floor thanks to its integrated rubber feet, or it can be mounted with a special ceiling mount to eliminate the need of the base.


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