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G-Spot Turbo

G-Spot Turbo

LED Moving Head

The G-Spot Turbo is a high-brightness LED moving head based on an optimized additive color mixing to match the highest demands of color rendering and total output. The integrated dehumidifier of the G-Spot Turbo ensures perfect inner cleanness of the luminaire and no accumulation of dust or externally induced particles on internal optics, gobos or the light source unit. G-Spot Turbo is the perfect solution for those who need a powerful LED spot moving head with good chromaticity levels and an outstanding performance in different shades of white.

Key advantages: 

  • High CRI IP65 RLB LED light source (Red, Lime, Blue)
  • 20,500 lumen and 8º to 43º zoom range
  • 2 rotatory gobo wheels, FX wheel, 4-facet prism and ultra-high-speed strobe
  • Extended color palette with warmer pastels and richer green hues
  • 2,000K-10,000K CTC control, no hotspots
  • Linear frost and smooth iris feature
  • Practically maintenance-free and silent performance
  • Flicker-free / programmable scenes / DMX, RDM, and wireless control


LED Technology
This tough and reliable LED luminaire includes a powerful Red - Lime - Blue LED engine to enhance lumen output and increase the quality of the light. The G-Spot Turbo is able to create bright and soft colors but also the well-known SGM RGB mixing by using the Green Color Mode feature. The LEDs expected lifetime is 50,000 hours.

White performance
The G-Spot Turbo is the brightest and most qualified spot in its range. By using the new RLB additive mixing, the G-Spot Turbo is able to output impressive high-CRI whites while maintaining the 2,000K to 10,000K color temperature control.

One of the big advantages of the G-Turbo series is the extended color palette. This is caused by the usage of Lime LEDs instead of the Green LEDs available in the G-Spot. Now, it is possible to achieve warmer pastel colors, richer yellows, and a wider variety of green shades. With the special dichroic technology, the G-Spot Turbo is also able to create deep saturated greens and even more contrasted colors.

With a 8º to 43º zoom range, plus an additional pseudo zoom down to 1º, the G-Spot Turbo is ready for any stage or event. Being water, dirt and sand proof, the internal optics are always clean to get the maximum brightness from the light source. Worst case scenario, the front lens must merely be wiped off, which is a huge time and cost saver effectively eliminating the need for cleaning and maintenance.

IP rating
The durable IP65 rating of the G-Spot Turbo luminaire ensures that the fixture is kept free of externally induced particles and liquids on internal optics and light sources, such as smoke fluid, dust, dirt, airborne pollution, and humidity. Thereby, the need to clean optics or gobos is eliminated and no internal corrosion will occur. It is ideal for outdoor applications, while being practically maintenance-free making it a sustainable and long-lasting choice for indoor events and installations as well.

The internal built-in dehumidifier protects this fixture from moisture, pollution and any other factors that can generate corrosion. The patented SGM dehumidification not only removes humidity but also prevents oxidation and condensation, while a gore-tex membrane allows the unit to breathe. 

The G-Spot Turbo delivers a staggering lumen output not only in white but also in color. It is able to achieve up to 20,500 lumen. These high values convert the G-Spot Turbo into the perfect companion not only in medium-sized venues but also in large-scale tours with high audience numbers. 

Sharp gobo projection
One of the big benefits of the G-Spot Turbo is its sharp and detailed gobo projection, with no color aberration in the borders or hotspots in the center of the beam. The G-Spot Turbo uses glass gobos not affected by the heat, so the pattern is always fully focused. 

Thermal management
This low-noise luminaire is optimized to manage the heat in a very smart way. Like all SGM LED products, the G-Spot Turbo is tested under extreme hot and cold conditions to prevent any kind of failures in outdoor or indoor environments. 

Mounting options
The G-Spot Turbo can be rigged with the included easy-fit omega brackets with ¼ turn fasteners, using two of the four locking points. Installation time can be saved onsite as the fixtures can be pre-rigged to HUD truss making the rig fly-ready when reaching the venue. Handles can be found in the base as well to help users mount the fixture.

Please email us for any specification sheet or IES file that is not available online: 



IP65 RoHS CE CETL Eco Friendly

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